Deliveroo API Design Styleguide added on the API Stylebook

The Deliveroo API Design guide has been added the API Stylebook! This is a MUST read for any API designer.

Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company. Orders are placed through its website and then either employed or self-employed bicycle, motorcycle or car couriers transport orders from restaurants to customers. Source [wikipedia]

These guidelines can be sum up with this quote:

We choose to adopt three general principles. Here’s a shortcut to remember:
RESTful, Hypermedia, Fine-grained

They are internal apis oriented but contains some interesting considerations and precisions for external APIs and the duality of internal/external design.

API Documentation is briefly explained with 3 lines but contains 2 powerful quotes that everyone working with API MUST have in mind:

API users are both developers and machines
Discuss APIs before starting any implementation

This document contains a really interesting section about API and domain modelling based on Domain Driven Design. This sections helps reader to model resources and their relations.

Deliveroo engineering teams promote wisely the use of Hypermedia (but please, just stop using this ugly HATEOAS acronym!).

More importantly, consumers should not need to construct URLs, instead using only URLs dynamically discovered in responses.

This is the first analyzed document to deal with internationalization.

Two approaches of versioning are described, one for internal facing APIs and another for external facing APIs.

How deliveroo engineering team handles errors beyond HTTP status is simple and brilliant.

The results are not just intended to be acted on by machines, but rather presented to users.

Caching is explained in depth.

Caching efficiency is a critical aim of well-designed APIs, as it is influential on service performance; cache consistency is as important.

These guidelines are definitely a MUST read for any API designer. If you want to see all topics covered by this document go to the Deliveroo API Design guide on the API Stylebook.

Note: there’s a minor contradiction concerning HTTP status code return by PATCH (both MUST and MUST NOT return 200), an issue has been declared.